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“I am thrilled to recommend Dr. Helen Reich and highly endorse her physical therapy practice. Apart from being a skilled therapist, she is warm and kind and puts her patients first. She spends significant amounts of time with each patient ensuring their goals are reached. I treat a wide range of patients and I know that when I send a patient to Dr. Reich, they are going to see results quickly.”

Dr Stephen J Massimi, MD – Hospital for Special Surgery

ABOUT US: The Rehab It Experience

At Rehab It we are focused on one thing: Getting you better and feeling great as quickly as possible. Whether you are a marathoner, a cross fitter, a grandparent, a mom, a dad, a student, we will not rest until you are back to being very active.

You will spend a full 6o minutes working one on one with one of our award-winning physical therapists, never an aide. We are thrilled to be highly recommended by physicians from the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the country’s #1 hospital for orthopedics. We pride ourselves on breaking away from the traditional outpatient physical therapy model and instead only giving you personalized, concierge level care. As you will see in our testimonials, our patients say that Rehab It is “not your typical physical therapy chain”, but instead an “amazing one on one experience with people who really care.”

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Dr. Reich is amazing! I couldn’t run even a mile without severe pain. Within a couple of weeks she solved my hip issues by creating strenghtening exercises. After not being able to run even a  mile, I ran the Pittsburgh half marathon! 

Dr. Reich is truly the best!  Knowledgeable, professional, kind, and talented beyond measure. I’ve tried many different physical therapists, and Dr. Reich has completely transformed my recovery process from my postpartum ACL surgery! I can’t give enough praise for the wonderful business she runs!


I can't say enough good things about Dr. Reich. She was recommended to me for my knee arthritis. She is very smart, warm, compassionate and a terrific diagnostician. Her breadth of knowledge about the human body and how to heal through physical therapy and exercise is so impressive. We are so lucky to have someone of her caliber practicing in our community!


Dr. Reich is a fabulous physical therapist. I am also in healthcare and she is extremely well knowledged. I woke up one morning with 10/10 leg pain due to a herniated disc. After our first session, my pain was 2/10. She treats you fully for an hour with deep massages and exercises. My recovery is all due to Dr. Reich and her expertise. 


Can’t recommend Dr. Reich enough! I went to other physical therapists for my hypermobility issues and no one helped me the way Dr. Reich did. She is so intelligent and comes up with very creative stretches and exercises that are immediately effective. She cares so much about each of her patients and makes everyone her priority!


Dr. Reich is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Working with her 1:1 for treatment of my knee, hip and a patellar tendon tear has helped me progress so much. Her experience cannot be matched!


I wish I found Dr. Helen Reich years ago! In a few sessions she was able to relieve pain and increase mobility in my neck and lower back. I’m back to doing the physical activities I desire. With her extensive knowledge of the body, she was able to tailor a program that addressed my specific needs. She really cares about her patients and it shows in her approach. Thank you Dr. Reich!


Helen was absolutely wonderful to work with. My 11yo daughter had foot and calf surgery and had to re-learn how to use her leg. Helen is extremely knowledgeable and efficient all while being kind, patient and understanding. Within 8 weeks, Chloe was ahead of the projected recovery time. She was walking and jogging confidently again. To see how much she improved in a few weeks was incredible. Helen, you are truly a gift to the PT world!

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