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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Helen Reich. She is very smart, warm, compassionate and a terrific diagnostician. Her breadth of knowledge about the human body and how to heal through physical therapy and exercise is so impressive. We are so lucky to have someone of her caliber practicing in our Greenwich and Stamford community - I'm thrilled that I found her!

Michele S.

I wish I found Dr. Helen Reich years ago! In a few sessions she was able to relieve pain and increase mobility in my neck and lower back. I’m back to doing the physical activities I desire. With her extensive knowledge of the body, she was able to tailor a program that addressed my specific needs. She really cares about her patients and it shows in her approach. Thank you Dr. Reich!

Robert O.

I started seeing Helen because of three herniated discs causing sciatica and had a great experience. She takes her time, listens, and tailors each session depending on your needs and goals. I learned so many exercises and stretches to keep in rotation for my own workout. In addition to being a great physical therapist, Helen is also warm and friendly. We had a great time chatting during PT. I highly recommend her!

Jennifer T.

Dr. Reich has helped me tremendously with my half marathon training. In the early stages of my training I was having trouble with knee pain and she put me on a diligent core and hip flexor exercise routine that strengthened my muscles and eliminated my knee pain. Further into my training when I was increasing my mileage, I began having bad shin splints, calf muscle pain and exhaustion. She gave me great stretching tips and strength training exercises to help loosen my muscles and alleviate the pain. She also went above and beyond and gave me some nutrition tips for what to eat before and after my long runs to help my tank stay full and reach my full pace potential. I did my longest and fastest run this past week and felt great! All thanks to Dr. Reich’s guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone especially if you are training for an athletic event or recovering from a sports related injury. She’s very helpful and thorough in all of her treatments!

Elizabeth R.

Helen is a fabulous physical therapist. She is extremely well knowledged. I am also in healthcare and can't say enough about Helen. I woke up one morning with severe leg pain from my hip to my knee. I was unable to walk or sit. My pain was 10/10. I was diagnosed the next day with a herniated disc and saw Helen the following day. I came to her and left an hour later with pain of 2/10. She treats you fully for an hour with deep massages and exercises to do at home. My recovery is all due to Helen and her expertise. I am forever grateful. Because of her expertise I was able to walk and sit the following day.

Linda R.

I started to see Dr. Helen Reich for hip and neck issues that I've been dealing with for over a year now. It was amazing to finally find a physical therapist near me that dedicated the whole hour to assessing the issues and finding a regiment that helped me not be in pain everyday.

Danielle V.

You restored my faith in the profession. Thank you for that!

Jerry H.

Helen was an absolutely amazing physical therapist and gave me great strengthening exercises as well as stretches to get me marathon ready. She also was able to manually manipulate and relieve pain in my knee with ease. I would highly recommend her!

Kristin C.

Best PT experience ever! Helen is so great to work with. I can’t believe how quickly she helped me get better. Highly recommend!

Jennifer R.

Helen is a brilliant Physical Therapist and gives complete attention for the entire 60 minutes. My back and leg pain has improved hugely since i started treatment! She is so friendly and the exercises she set for me helped me so much.

David T.

Dr. Reich solved the issues with my leg and lower back. The hands of therapy was excellent and her coaching for at home maintenance was outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Reich for rehab and PT needs.


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