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Rehab It for Kids, Pediatric Physical Therapy

About Us

At Rehab It Physical Therapy for Kids, we believe that EVERY child is so special. That's why we've designed a physical therapy practice that's as unique as they are.

We are a warm and welcoming practice where children from infants to teens can be evaluated in a playful and fun environment! Our space is not just a clinic - it's a playground, a place where your child will look forward to coming to and most importantly a place where healing happens. We treat children with neurologic, orthopedic, genetic, and neuromuscular deficits in a relaxed and playful environment. Our innovative therapy techniques are crafted to engage your child, ensuring they look forward to every session. We use a variety of therapeutic techniques and age-appropriate developmental toys. We believe each child has their own story. We take the time to understand them and create personalized therapy plans to meet their individual needs. Healing is coupled with fun and imaginative therapeutic activities during each session.

Specialized physical therapy for children

Our Signature Services

Developmental Monitoring: Ensuring infants, toddlers and children hit key developmental milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking etc..

Positioning Protocols: Creating personalized protocols for newborns with torticolis, brachiocephaly & plagiocephaly to avoid more invasive interventions.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation: Helping young athletes recover and return to their sport with confidence.

Gross Motor Skill Development: Optimizing movements like jumping, running and balancing to assist with injury prevention.

Fine Motor Skill Development: Improving every day tasks like buttoning a shirt, tying shoes, writing & picking up objects.

Parent Education: Providing caregivers with the knowledge and tools to actively support their child's development, ensuring that therapy extends beyond the clinic and into daily life.

Text Support Anytime:  Unlimited access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy to provide support and answer any questions between sessions.

Can Pediatric Physical Therapy Help Your Child?

  • Guidance from an expert on any physical concerns you may have as it relates to your child

  • Developmental Delays: late or missed gross motor milestones

  • Orthopedic & sports-related injuries

  • Torticolis: asymettrical neck movement usually due to positioning in utero. This can contribute to delays in milestones and feeding difficulties.

  • Brachycephaly & plagiocephaly: newborns can develop flatness on their heads. Early intervention with physical therapy can assist with resolving this and avoid a helmet.

  • Toe-walking

  • Hypotonia

  • Spasticity

  • Sensory and coordination deficits

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Autism: to help a child improve motor skills, coordination, and sensory integration, enhancing their quality of life. 

  • Down Syndrome: aids in improving muscle tone, mobility, and physical development, promoting independence.

*The above list is not all encompassing. If you have questions about your child, don't hesitate to reach out for more specific information. 

Rehab It for Kids


My 6 month old son was treated at Rehab It for head flatness and a rolling delay. From the moment I walked in, the room felt welcoming and there were so many toys! This experience couldn’t have been more different than prior therapy. Dr. Collins is a true expert. She addressed my concerns, gave me great advice and taught me how to do exercises with my son at home. In three days, my son was rolling in both directions. I highly recommend Rehab It for any parents looking for high quality and compassionate care for their kids!

Rehab It for Kids


Dr. Reich was absolutely wonderful to work with. My 11-yo daughter had foot and calf surgery and had to re-learn how to use her leg. Dr. Reich is extremely knowledgeable and efficient all while being kind, patient and understanding. Within 8 weeks, Chloe was ahead of the projected recovery time - walking and jogging confidently again. To see how much she improved in a few weeks was incredible. Dr. Reich, you are truly a gift to the PT world!

Rehab It for Kids


My 8 yr old daughter had an ankle injury that just wasn’t improving. Since she takes swim lessons at Sportsplex it was actually her suggestion that we try the PT program so conveniently located right there. Best decision ever!After speaking to staff at Rehab it they determined which therapist would be the right fit for her needs. John worked with Phoebe for several weeks and was incredible. I highly highly recommend Rehab It PT for Kids!

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