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Customized Physical Therapy
Non-operative, pre-operative and post-operative

With a combined 30 years of experience we have treated patients of all ages across a wide spectrum of non-operative, pre-operative and post-operative sports and orthopedic injuries. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or not active at all, we can help you reach your goals. We pride ourselves on our unique and personalized approach to treatment helping patients safely and efficiently reach their goals. All sessions are one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy - no assistants, ever! Patients will begin with a thorough evaluation followed by a customized treatment plan specific to your individual needs. Typically treatment plans involve a hands-on manual component as well as a therapeutic exercise component. Depending on your needs, we may also suggest cupping, taping, bracing, orthotics, activity modifications, nutrition suggestions and referrals to other healthcare providers. We understand that treatment shouldn't end at the end of a treatment session so you can expect regular contact between sessions with your therapist to answers questions and hold you accountable to your home exercise program.

Therapeutic Exercise, Greenwich Physical Therapy

Titleist Performance Institute Certified
Golf Fitness Assessment and Treatment

Tennis and Golf, Greenwich Physical Therapy

As a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Physical Therapist, we help golf athletes in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT area take their golf game to the next level. We undergo rigorous training in the specific components of an efficient golf swing and what specific physical tightness's or weaknesses in our body can result in compensations making the golf swing less efficient. By assessing and correcting these underlying physical limitations we have seen our athletes transform their games to be more consistent, reduce pain and injury and improve the power and distance. This research backed method created by the Titleist Performance Institute is used by the top golf pros to ensure that they optimize their game and prevent injuries that can keep them off the golf course. You can expect to undergo a full-body golf specific assessment and based on your results and personal goals we will create a customized program to help you improve your golf game and stay healthy. The graduates of this program typically report a reduction in the frequency of their "problem shot",  a reduction in pain, improvement in an injury, increased power and consistency and an over all elevation of their game.

RacquetFit Certified
Tennis Fitness and Physical Therapy

Tennis, physical therapy, Greenwich, CT
Tennis, Physical Therapy, Greenwich,CT

As a US Professional Tennis Association Certified and a RacquetFit Certified Tennis Specialist, we have a comprehensive understanding of the game and the underlying physical requirements for tennis athletes. Tennis can be a life long sport and has so many social and physical benefits to it - however, it can be hard on the body. If you want to extend the life of your tennis game, improve the power in your serve, reduce pain or prevent injuries then RacquetFit Tennis Sessions are what you are looking for. You can expect to undergo a full body, tennis specific assessment, serve analysis and a thorough review of the results of your fitness screen to create a customized treatment plan specific to your needs. This sport specific fitness has been around in golf for years and I am thrilled to now be able to help tennis players in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT area in the same way. The graduates of this program typically report a reduction in the frequency of their "problem shot",  a reduction in pain, improvement in an injury, increased power and consistency and an over all elevation of their game.

Rehab It Fit Wellness Program

Rehab It Physical Therapy, Greenwich,CT

It is our belief that the future of medicine is in prevention. We have created our Rehab It Fit program to provide a service for patients who may not have an active injury but are looking to prevent a future injury, embark on a new fitness journey. recieve some guidance to create a more targeted and effective fitness program or for those who just want to be told what to do and see the results they desire. Whatever your goals may be, Rehab It Fit, as with all our services, will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Rehab It Fit members receive a 1:1 introductory evaluation so we can provide a thorough assessment of your needs and goals and are provided with a customized monthly video based exercise program through our interactive app. Members can expect to have regular access to their therapist through our app making it easy to adjust things as we go. Don't let "not knowing where to start or what to do" be a barrier to being the healthiest version of yourself!

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